Outsource Project

Outsourcing of IT services has changed significantly over the past few years. Clients nowadays expect a very different set of services, delivered at an ever increasing pace and at constantly improved quality. This, combined with the challenging market conditions and the advent of ever accelerating technology advancements has changed the IT Outsourcing landscape.

CLICK QUCK TECHNOLOGIES undertake outsource projects for large enterprise and offer a 360 degree complete and comprehensive solution for all IT or ITES outsourced projects. Whether you are an SME, a digital agency or an enterprise for web, mobile and internet marketing, we are there to assist you. We have a dedicated team for each and every aspect for project completion, and we are known for our timely delivery of projects, at the most affordable prices. We offer you value for money along with a host of value-added services with all our products and developments. As more and more projects get completed in outsourced environments, the cutting edge technology associated with their conclusion is morphing to deliver an even higher degree of efficiency. We realize that if our clients are to reap the full benefits of outsourcing, we have to be in total sync with their requirements and the pressures and deadlines they face.

We believe in keeping things simple, efficient and uncluttered. Our bottom line is to function seamlessly with our business partners so that they can realize optimum profits from their investments.


By working closely with your product owner or business stakeholders, our team members take part in an initial discovery phase to collaborate with your team to define your requirements in greater detail.

This enables us to help our clients to build the business case, define the budget and timeline or depending on the urgency surrounding the mission, progress into a foundation phase and then into full scale delivery.

Clients are kept abreast of project and budget status throughout the delivery and are able to review delivery commitments, timescales, in an agile delivery process inclusive of stand up’s, product backlog grooming, sprint planning and retrospectives.